Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you do not see answer to a question below, please do not hesitate to email us via the form at the bottom of the website. If your wondering how to use the Paralax Click Here.

We normally ship out within 1 day, in most cases same day. Generally shipping is 2-3 days on the Westcoast. 4-5 Days in the Prairies and Central Canada. 5-7 Days to the Maritimes. We suggest to choose UPS Standard for the most afforable and fastest shipping. If you are in a remote location or use a PO box we reccomend Canada Post (regular or expedited parcel).

We suggest to spot wash, with a mild soap such as Dr Bronner's. Do not attempt to machine wash or dry. If your worried about your Paralax getting super dirty we suggest to with the Black version.

Yes, but we say not to. Why? Mostly because of liability, as well if you float water can get between the two layers and weaken the adhesive. As well it can pull out the inner layer if you are not careful, if you decide to float...float at your own risk. As well when you are ready to pull your Paralax out of the water do this very carefully ensuring it drains the water nicely, if you pull it out of the water all the weight of any water inside could cause the inner layer to become separated.

The Paralax has two layers, the outside Nylon which is mainly for protection. If the outer layer gets hole, it will still hold air. If you need to patch the inner layer we suggest a patch kit that is used for inflatable boats, or pool floaties.

Air hammocks are all over the web. We spent a lot of time going though manufacturers and fabrics. We have chosen the best fabric for its indended use, chilling out. Its a softer and more durable fabric. As well ours comes with 2 pockets, a bottle holder, tie down security loop, as well as a stake and bottle opener. Plus we are a small Canadian business. We kept the price as low as possible while still ensuring the best quality possible.

We include a tiedown loop and stake. If the ground is too hard, or the stake will not work, you can always fill the carrying bag with a few smooth stones, or sand etc and use that. Or clip the main clips around a backpack.

Many others claim you can use their air hammocks on all surfaces. But from our research and testing this is not true. Do not use your Paralax on any sharp objects. Try to keep it on grass and dirt and other smooth surfaces. Keep it away from sticks and sharp rocks or rock surfaces such as shale as some types of rock are very abrasive. Our warranty does not cover punctures.

This depends on a few factors. If you manage to roll it tight as possible and ensure you have 4-5 folds it will hold air up to 6 hours. We have noticed in direct sun and exposure to high temperatures the Paralax tends to deflate faster, averaging about 3 hours per fill.